It seems that in an increasing proportion of international development funding comes from individuals and a smaller proportion from governments through official channels. How does the individual and ensure that the contributions they make are well directed? Some people in Canmore were interested in meeting regularly to discuss aspects of international development, the progress being made and the huge changes still needed to be made. Many people in the West are beginning to realize that the efficiency of some charitable organizations is to be questioned. Some larger, international ones receive huge sums of money, but it transpires that only cents out of each dollar are spent where they were intended for. We believe that smaller organisations may be more efficient, and certainly can be more transparent: they may also provide more direct contact between donors and recipients. We scheduled speakers for a series of meetings in the fall and winter over a five year period. We invited either people who were working as individuals or those representing an organization, but in each case with administrative costs that compare very favourably. Each year we tried to ensure that the same organizations or individuals were represented so that a sense of continuity could be obtained. We believe that this was a valuable undertaking.
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