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Canmore International Development

Awareness Group (CIDAG)

As you know, CIDAG has been losing the number of people attending the presentations in the past year or 2 and , as I think I told you at the last meeting it will not continue this year. We hoped to have one more speaker in April/ May of this year but the scheduling was too difficult. Because of this, we unfortunately went out with something more like a whimper than a bang after 5 years! We still think the endeavour was well worthwhile. I will be continuing to support, as an individual, various organizations which you are now familiar with: LED --Val Pitkethly distributing our lanterns and medical supplies to remote areas in Nepal. Basic Health International---Bill Hanlon, MD from Cochrane who spends a lot of his time now in very remote areas in Pakistan and Afghanistan supporting health posts and helping to establish medical training schemes. CORE---  Frances Klatzel ---serving disadvantaged groups in Nepal, especially necessary following the earthquake. Eating Stone orphanage Nairobi Kenya---Sandi Carlile. The present rented building has been sold and has to be vacated in 2 years. Fortunately, thanks to generous donors, a lot has been purchased and building commenced on a new one. Sustainability will be a huge issue to house , feed and educate 60 children, due to rapid inflation in Kenya. Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan---this devoted group of women continue their amazing work in this troubled country. Micro Credit Schemes ---Donna Iddings, Jenny Wong and Faith and Anthony---following a successful scheme in one poor village in the SW of Ethiopia we are now establishing it in 2 further villages. Rehabilitation Outreach Program and Physiotherapy Department --- Faith and Anthony Lalibela , Ethiopia. Should you be interested in the progress being made by 1 or more of these groups, please don't hesitate to contact me. I will be delighted to share what information I have. Thank you for your past support and please maintain your awareness of those in troubled areas who are so much less fortunate than ourselves. Faith and Anthony